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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cold way up there in Saskatchewan, Canada?  

The weather can be everything from sunny and warm to rainy or snowy and cold.  But that’s when the hunting gets good!

Is it hard getting my guns across the border? 

  See Local RCMP Detachment for regulations

Are the bag limits liberal?  

Yes, in a given day you can shoot 8 dark geese,  8 ducks, 5 sandhill cranes, 20 snow geese. Possession is 3 times your daily limit.(These numbers can vary year to year)

Will I be hunting a good area?  

Yes Humboldt, Saskatchewan is situated in the heart of the Central Flyway, and according to USFWS surveys, has some of the highest breeding pair densities in North America. It also has the highest number of May ponds, and total duck populations of the Canadian Prairie provinces. You will see a lot of birds!

Check out our links to the USFWS, and also the Strata survey link,  we’re in survey Strata 31.

Will you guarantee me limits everyday?   

No. But we will guarantee we work hard for you to put you onto the best fields and shoots we can find everyday.


Are shells easily obtained upon arrival?

Yes, there is a local gun shop in Humboldt if you choose to buy upon arrival, or we can pick them up for you prior to your arrival.

Where do we get our licenses? Licenses can be purchased on-line at 

Migratory bird permits must be purchased in Saskatchewan at the local Postal Outlet; we can arrange this for you.

Is the food good?  

Yes  (I’m not cooking), my wife, Anita, is a great cook

Can I use my own dog? 

If ours need a  break, and yours is well trained, you would be welcome to use it, but at my discretion.  One scenario when I guided for another outfit, had the dog biting several people, won’t happen here!

What about bird cleaning?   

Our kids clean your birds for a fee.

Are my guide and the scouts experienced?  

We’ve all hunted birds for many, many years and know what to look for to have successful hunts.

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