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Morning or Afternoon Hunts

Morning Hunts:

Up early in the crisp autumn air out to a grain field to set up the decoy spread for Canada geese. Early morning mallards may buzz the spread too. From Sept to Oct,  fields are usually in swaths. The landowners usually call to ask us come and shoot the birds away from their crop. Concealment is second to none, as you just lay the blinds right in the swath and cover them up with the grain stalks.

For those who enjoy helping, it is always greatly appreciated. With extra help, the set up time is reduced dramatically, giving you a little more sleep in the morning, and a bit more socializing time before the first volley goes off. If you're one who just likes to sit back and take it all in, no big deal. The mornings and the sunrises are invigorating.

day 1      cg snows 2.jpg
battison goose 1 2.jpg
Klovstad duck 2014 - Copy.jpg
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